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OrangeTheory Fitness opens two new locations
OrangeTheory Fitness, a tenant represented by IWCRE, opened two new locations recently in the Puget Sound. On August 11, 2018, in Sammamish, Washington at 22830 NE 8th Street, and on Friday, September 7, 2018 at South Hill in Puyallup at 16816 Meridian E. In June, the fitness franchise opened three locations in Tacoma, West Seattle,
The Age of the Mall is over
Kate Folk put it the most poetically, and tragically, in a New York Times letter recently: “No other building displays the capriciousness of human desire with such brutal rigor — a once-beloved edifice that, in the span of a few years, has become so worthless no one even cares enough to tear it down.” The
Coworking on the rise, and perhaps where you wouldn’t expect.
While the retail industry continues to see an evolving landscape—with the redevelopment of malls and a flood of store closures, as shoppers increasingly move to ecommerce—it isn’t the only commercial real estate segment to do so. In Seattle, where office vacancy is the lowest within the nation’s top 10 downtown markets, the search for affordable